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Research activities

Research interests

Statistical signal processing.
Change-point detection.
Bayesian inference.
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images.
Bayesian techniques for linear unmixing.
Multi-user detection for chaos-based and random permutation-based multiple access systems.
Detection/localization of targets using MIMO techniques.
Localization of boats by satellite using the AIS system.


List on the IRIT web server (since 2002): here.
At the LEN7 laboratory (until 2001): here.

Ph.D. thesis (July 1999)

Details On the detection of parametric models in presence of additive and multiplicative noises.

Advisor: Jean-Yves TOURNERET
Reviewers: Christian DONCARLI, Eric MOULINES, Ananthram SWAMI

Habilitations à Diriger des Recherches (november 2010)

Details Sur des problèmes de détection en signal et communications.

Reviewers: Andrea FERRARI, Guillaume GELLE, Antonio NAPOLITANO

PhD Students (past and current)

Victor BISSOLI NISSAU (2010-2013), Detection and localization performances of « SAR »  terminals in the context of the MEOSAR transition. Co-advisor: Jean-Yves TOURNERET.
Nil GARCIA GARCIA (2009-2013), Joint Detection/localization of targets using MIMO radar. Co-advised PhD thesis with New Jersey Institute of Technology. Co-advisors: Alexander HAIMOVICH and Marco LOPS.
Raoul PREVOST (2009-2012), Separation of AIS-type identification signals received by a  satellite. Co-advisor: Jean-Yves TOURNERET.
Virginie AMBERG (2002-2005), Interpretation of high-resolution SAR images: application to road extractionCo-advisor: Philippe MARTHON.


Details Marie CHABERT (University of Toulouse - France).
Details Nicolas DOBIGEON (University of Toulouse - France).
Details Alexander HAIMOVICH (New Jersey Institute of Technology - USA).
Details Alfred O. HERO III (University of Michigan - USA).
Details Marco LOPS (Università di Cassino - Italy).
Details Philippe MARTHON (University of Toulouse - France).
Details Said MOUSSAOUI (IRCCyN/ECN - France).
Details Marc SPIGAI (Thalès-Alénia-Space, Toulouse - France).
Details Ananthram SWAMI (US Army Laboratory).
Details Jean-Yves TOURNERET (University of Toulouse - France).

Supports, grants and awards

1999: Léopold Escande Prize.
1996-1999: Doctoral scholarship from the French Ministry of Research and Education.

Refereeing activities